Last day with Väggansvarig

The last day with a väggansvarig will be thursday 1/6. From this day untill hangaren closes for the summer the gym will be open during the regular reception times. The gym will be open during the summer and a special summer schedule will be announced on the homepage later in June.

Build weekend rope 4/5 – 7/5

During the build-weekend the whole rope area will be closed but everyone is very welcome to help us with teardown, washing, building and storing/cleanup.

LKK will be offering fika and food in connection with teardown, washing and Saturday-building.

Pre-register here so we have an idea of how many will come.


Teardown Thursday: 04/05/2023
Rope walls are closed for climbing at 16:30 and teardown starts.
Everyone can participate and there will be fika and food offered for the participants.
(Do use safety glasses/ear protection and indoor shoes for safety).

Washing Friday: 05/05/2023
We meets at hangaren at 17:00 (cars needed -(pretty please)-).
Washing starts around 17:30 at Circle-K, Skäggetorp
(Nygårdsinfarten 5, 586 43 Linköping).
We will offer dinner afterward.

Building Saturday: 06/05/2023
Start from 10:00 rope walls closed for climbing, open only for building.
Lunch and fika will be offered to the participants.
(Do use safety glasses/ear protection and indoor shoes for safety).
(If you are new or unsure, seekout responsibles).

COMPETITION Sunday: 07/05/2023
Top Rope competition at From 14:00. Second part of the Club Championship

Documents Spring Meeting

The documents for the spring meeting can be found at:

Build weekend boulder will take place 20:th -23:rd april

The second build weekend for boulder will happen between the 20th and 23:rd of april

This weekend will also be ended with a secret comp. More info will be posted but note its not a part of the club championship.


20:th – Tear down – Start 16:30

21:st – Cleaning of holds. – 17:00 at Hangaren (cars will be needed ) or 17:30 at Circle K Skäggetorp

22:nd – Building – Start 10:00

23:rd – Clean up – Start 11:00 – “Secret Comp” starts at 16:00, (Boulder closed for acces 15:30 )

During the build weekend the whole boulder area will be closed for climbing. Everyone that wants to join in and help with tear down , washing or boulding are welcome. Take the chance to build the boulder you want !

Please sign up via the doodle link to help with the planning

LKK will supply fika and food for teardown , cleaning and bulding( saturday)

Signup : (not for the “Secret Comp”):

Boulder Area closed week 14

During week 14 work will be done to replace the mat in the boulder area. This means that the boudler area will be unavailable from 19.30 Monday 3/4 until 23.59 Thursday 6/4  and no climbing will be allowed. We kindly ask everyone to respect that the boulder area is closed and to not enter the area even though it might look like the work has finished.

The last details for the work we decided 28/3 and we want do apologize for the late information.

If anything changes we will post updates in our social media channels.

The rope walls will be available as usual.

Any questions can be sent to

Yoga for climbers

LKK invites all members to yoga sessions for climbers.

Location: Hangaren , room next to mens locker room

Time: 19.00 – 20.00

Upcomming sessions:

Tuesday 27/3 (Extra out of schedule session)




Tuesday 9/5

Equipment: Bring your own yoga mat

Price: Free for LKK members

Spring meeting 2023

LKK’s Spring meeting will take place the 20:th of april 19:00 at the meeting room in Hangaren

Motions for the meeting shall be sent to the board latest 3 weeks before the meeting which means that the deadline for this is the 30:th of march. Motions shall be sent to:

Documentation for the meeting will be available one week before the meeting via mail , homepage and in the climbing Gym

Election Comittee
LKK’s election comittee are looking for more members. Applications can be sent to:

LKK’s Board

Build weekend rope walls 16/3 -19/3

Between the 16:th and 19:th of march there will be resetting of routes on the rope walls. The boulder area will be open as usual but no rope climbing will be possible.

Schedule for the weekend:

16:th Teardown of routes. Start 17:00
17:th Washing of holds. Gather 17:00 at hangaren or join in at Circle K skäggetorp 17:30
18:th First day of building . Start 10:00 ( Instructions to knew builders will be given )
19:th Second day of building . Start 9:00

LKK will supply fika and food during all days

Signup available at (not mandatory)

Boulder area work 9/3 (updated)

The boulder area will be unavailabe the 9/3 during the times 12:00-15:00 due to work beeing done.

Boulder area will be available during our regular opening times 15:00-22:00

Build weekend 2/3 – 5/3

It is time for the first build weekend of the year and it will be boulder problems that will be built.

The weekend will end with a bouldering competition


2nd: Teardown of boulders – Start 16:30
3rd: Washing of holds – Meetup 17:00 at hangaren or 17:30 at Circle-K Skäggetorp
4th: Bulding – Start 10:00
5th: Competition – Qualification starts at 14:00 , Finals at 17:00 , ( Boulder Gym closed before qualification)

During the build weekend the boulder area will be closed for climbing but everyone are welcome to come help with building. Take the chance to build a problem just the way you want it.

LKK will provide fika and food during teardown , washing and building.

Preliminary signup for the days (Not for competition)