Access information

We climbers get to access to crags and boulder blocks thanks to the right of public access and landowners’ positive attitude towards climbing. We would like to see this continue and therefore we would urge visitors to these areas to always think about their behavior and how their presence affects the environment in which they are staying.

Right of Public Access

In Sweden, we are proud of our right of public access, but it means that those of us who climb must adhere to certain rules in order to earn the privileges that it entails. Read about what this means on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s website

Access restrictions

At certain times of the year, it is not allowed to stay in climbing areas. Information about what places and times this applies can be found in SKF’s Access database

Hunting seasonAt certain times of the year, it may be reasonable not to visit a place due to hunting in the area. For your own safety, always check if there is any hunting in the area by visiting the Swedish Hunters’ Association’s website