Hangar Climbing Hall

Klätterhallen is run on a voluntary basis by the members of Linköping klätterklubb. The community center “Hangaren Hot Sport Center” is located in the Ryd district and is sharedin common with a skate hall and a training hall where martial arts, trampoline and dance training are arranged. The hangar’s reception is run by Frisksportarna, which handles the entrance and rental of equipment and hasthey run a café outside the climbing hall entrance.

Thanks to enthusiastic climbers and a motivating club feel, the hall can be voluntary managed and maintained. For example, the vast majority of the routes on the rope wall and the problems in the boulder hall are built by members during joint building weekends that are arranged a couple of times per semester.

We have a weekly “tryoutfree trials” activity so that people without previous experience can test climbing together with experienced members as belayers. The climbing club also has a steadily increasing junior activities with regular group trainings in the hall run by active members and supportive parents. From Monday to Thursday, there is usually a wall-responsible member of the hall for helping in case of problems or issues and who keeps open after the reception closes.

Linköping klätterklubb built the climbing hall in Hangaren in 2002. We have a top rope wall, a sport climbing wall and a boulder hall.

In the climbing hall, the wall rules apply, and we encourage everyone who climbs with us to read and respect these rules. You can find the wall rules both here on the website and in the hall.

Top rope wall

Height14 m
Wall area300 sqm
Number of ropes28 pcs

Sport climbing wall

Height14 m
Wall area140 sqm
Number of anchors8 pcs


Height4-6 m
Wall area250 sqm
Floor area150 sqm

Grading system

The distribution of grades on routeswall varies as new routes/boulders are built continuously and old ones are removed gradually. Generally, there are routes with grades from 4b to 7c+. We strive for there to be routes suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers. Our grading in the climbing hall is inspired by the French grading system.