Get involved today!

LKK is a non-profit climbing club that is driven forward by all members, and it is therefore important to have many committed people. Little or a lot doesn’t matter, the important thing is the will. Here are some examples of things that are always relevant in the club, but your own ideas and suggestions are just as welcome! Don’t hesitate to contact us if anything sounds interesting!

Go to autumn and spring meetings!

Here, the members of the club control the board and decide what the board should do. All club members are welcome! The meetings take about 2 hours and the club offers coffee!

Building routes and problems

New routes and problems are free to build at any time. The club also organizes route building weekends (for the top rope and lead wall) and problem building weekends (in the boulder area) where coffee, food and companionship are offered. Here you will learn how to build routes and problems, no prior knowledge is required! The route and problem building weekends are announced on the website under news and via Facebook.

If you are eager to be involved in arranging building weekends, or have ideas about rope or boulder wall, there are groups that get involved in this! If you are curious or want to participate, please contact  or

Rules and guidelines regarding building boulders: 

Free trial belayers

There are plenty of people who are curious about climbing, both groups and individuals. Therefore, the club often needs more belayers to the free trial’s activities! It’s a fun way to get involved with the club, the requirement is that you can toprope belay, have a green card and are a member of the club. The club pays wages to the free trial belayers. Please contact if you have any questions or would like to help.

Wall manager

The club often needs more wall managers. These are the ones that keep the hall open on weekdays after the reception has closed. For more information contact

Become a junior coach

Being a junior coach means that you, together with other coaches, hold a junior training session approximately every week or every two weeks. More info about the junior groups can be found under the junior page or contact

The renovation groupThe club’s ambition is to eventually expand the climbing hall. There is a group that works with different options and is in contact with the municipality and the property owners to get this right. If you are interested in driving the issue or want to know how the work is going, contact

Arrange trips or small events

A climbing trip to Bohuslän or Kjugekull, a day trip to Ågelsjön or slackline in a park is always popular. Or something completely different! The club usually sponsors a small portion of trips that are intended for the entire club, for example with some dinner or part of the housing. If you are interested in arranging trips or other activities, please contact

Become a board member

Being on the board is the most direct way to promote the club’s progress and implement the will of its members. A new Board of Directors is elected at the Autumn Meeting in October/November annually. If you want to sit on the board, keep an eye out for information when the meeting starts to approach or contact

Make your own suggestions

Your own suggestions for things that need to be done are always appreciated! Contact  if you need help with anything.