NOTE! Linköping klätterklubb does not hold any courses.

There are two companies that hold courses in our climbing hall. For booking, prices and course selection you can visit their websites:

Hama Adventures

Tossebo Utbildning


In order to hold courses in Linköping klätterklubbs Hall, the course organizers must have been approved by the club. Courses in the climbing hall may only be led by instructors authorized by SKF and the courses must comply with SKF’s standards.

Which course to choose?

Do you want to get started with climbing and learn how to belay for toproping? Take a toprope course, a course to take a green card. There you will learn the basics and prerequisites to be able to climb and belay autonomously in a climbing hall.  Note that you must have a green card in order to be able to belay in toprope in our climbing hall.

Do you already have a green card and want to take your climbing further? Take a course in lead climbing, a course to take a red card.

For bouldering, i.e. climbing the smaller walls, there are no special courses or cards! Pay attention, keep an eye upwards because climbers have priority. Be sure to land on your feet, keep the landing free of various objects (water bottles, etc.) and try to climb down if possible.

There are also courses for outdoor climbing, rescue courses, etc.

Education within the club

Members involved in the climbing club have the opportunity to receive support for courses and further training that benefit the club’s activities. For example, first aid, training and lead building courses can be arranged.

If you are a member of Linköping Climbing Club and are interested in becoming an instructor, you have the opportunity to participate free of charge in the toprope courses arranged in the climbing hall as an instructor aspirant.