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 AdultYouth (under 18 years old)Children (under 8 years old)
accompanied by paying adults
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If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent shoes and harnesses at the Hangar reception, at the following prices:

Climbing shoes rental 40 SEK.

Harness rental 50 SEK.


  1. If you rent equipment at reception, it must be returned before 8 p.m.
  2. Top rope securing requires that belayers have a green card to be worn visible and that belayers are at least 13 years old
  3. Lead climbing securing requires that belayers and climbers have a red card to be worn visibly and that both are at least 13 years old

Prova på top rope – drop-in

On Tuesdays at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. during the spring and autumn semesters we arrange drop-in climbing. If you are interested in climbing, you can try it out. 

You pay the entrance fee at the reception and then you can climb as much as you want. Our belayers lend the equipment you need, make sure everything is safe and answers your questions.

We can only accommodate 18 people every Tuesday so there are chances it could be fully booked. If you’reyou are four or more people in the group, we recommend that you book a belayer instead.

The recommended age is from 6 years, but if you feel that your child still wants to try climbing, you are sincerely welcome.

Drop-in costs:

85 SEK for adults

65 SEK for youth, up to18 years

Prova på — group

Group bookings can be made on Thursdays between 18.00 and 20.00 and Saturdays between 10.00 and 12.00. It will cost SEK 450 per desired hour.

A group booking includes entry fee, equipment and a belayer to help you with anything that has to do with climbing for up to 6 people.

If you are more than 6 people, you need to book two more belayers

The minimum bookable time is 1 hour, after which it is possible to book with half-hour intervals.

The recommended age is from 6 years, but if you feel that your child still wants to try climbing, you are sincerely welcome.

To book, send an email to




Youth (up to 18 years)

Membership, calendar year



Membership in Linköping Climbing Club is valid for a calendar years and has to be renewed in January. Membership is a requirement to be able to buy training cards and group training. Members also receive the Swedish Climbing Association’s newspaper Bergsport and a collective climbing-specific insurance. Read more under Membership.

Training card



Youth (up to 18 years)

Full year




(jan-jun and jul-dec)



Training card provides free entry to the climbing hall and isare valid for a calendar year. Half-yearly cards are only available for the periods from January to June and July to December. In order to buy a training card, the Linköping klätterklubb membership is required.

Unfortunately, we do not have 10 sessions or similar cards.
When purchasing a training card, a 14-day right of cancellation applies.

Junior training

Junior training, semester



Membership is needed for group training by weekly booking for children and adolescents up to 18 years. The fee includes training cards that provide free access to the climbing hall in addition to the training sessions themselves. The junior training is conducted by committed members and parents who work to give Linköping’s youth the opportunity to climb. Read more under Junior