Summer opening hours

During the period 17/6-30/6, Hangaren will be closed, and for the rest of the summer (1/7-4/8), limited opening hours between 12:00-18:00 apply (Closed on weekends). To ensure that no one misses out on training during the summer period, we also have members who will hold extra opening hours, with the main focus on the period when it is completely closed. A calendar with opening hours can be found at Linköpingsklä, “Climbing LKK” on Facebook, and with the QR code below. Opening hours are for members with training cards only.

The times that are entered are preliminary times. Always check the calendar before you go to Hangaren, in case a session has been canceled.*

*Sessions may be canceled due to illness, holidays, good weather, bad weather, bad mood, foot pain, jaundice, plague, and cholera.