The following rules apply when climbing at Hangaren indoor wall:

  1. Top-rope belaying requires a Green Card, which must be worn visibly. Belayer must be at least 13 years old
  2. For lead climbing and belaying a Red Card is required, which must be worn visibly. Both belayer and the climber must be at least 13 years old
  3. Tying in shall be done with a rewoven figure-eight knot
  4. Belay backups (when a person holds the rope to backup a beginner belayer) is only allowed for  instructors and junior coaches. This applies regardless of whether no one, one, or both climbers have Green or Red Cards
  5. Belaying with a figure-eight device or Italian hitch is forbidden
  6. To arrange a course in belaying techniques you must be a climbing instructor certified by the Swedish Climbing Federation
  7. Bouldering above 6 meters of height (free solo) is forbidden
  8. After climbing an overhanging route at least one intermediate point of protection (quickdraw) must be clipped in
  9. Everyone is required to wear shoes (climbing or indoor shoes) when climbing
  10. Drytooling is not allowed
  11. Groups of climbers related to either drop-in activities or Junior training activities      have prioritized access to the climbing wall
  12. For climbing in Hangaren payment of an admission fee or wall card is required
  13. In the case of activities that contribute to the club (such as building weekends), the person in charge may let in participating members without a paid fee or wall card. For all the other climbers paragraph 12 applies
  14. Children up to 8 years accompanied by adult don’t need to pay an admission fee or have a wall card


LKK members are insured by an insurance policy with the Swedish Climbing Federation. Participants in LKK arranged drop-in activities are also covered by the insurance policy with the Swedish Climbing Federation. For full information about the insurance policy please visit the Swedish Climbing Federation’s web page